I'm a builder.
I write (and you can subscribe to receive updates).
I led the development of Omadalabs, Omada Health's (an a16z company) data science platform.
I've worked on some things:
  • I analyzed Soundcloud data to book a sold-out concert in San Francisco.
  • I built an analytics suite to monitor transactions on the Ethereum mainnet, in order to anticipate market movements. (reach out for details)
  • I built Discover Weekly for live music.
As a consultant, I have worked with organizations like Bitcoin Unlimited and, and built:
  • spin up a Bitcoin Unlimited full-node on AWS or Digital Ocean by sending Bitcoin to a QR code.
  • the trial to paid user conversion funnel for
I come from a physics background and have had the good fortune of doing research at the Max Planck Institute, studying economics at Peking University, cofounding an online recruitment startup, and traveling in four continents.
Find me online on Twitter, Linkedin, or say hi on email.