A Month in New York City

I arrived in New York City yesterday and will be in town until the end of May.

I’ve been working closely with a friend on a technical project for the last couple months. He lives in NYC and we’ve been making progress within the long-distance constraints. I see the in-person time this month as a catalyst to push things further. I’m not sure if I want to talk publicly about what we’re up to yet, but you can perhaps triangulate it from everything else..

Later this week I’m attending QuantCon 2017, Quantopian’s annual algorithmic trading conference. I've been becoming more familiar with Quantopian and admire their culture of open-source. They've made the code for Zipline, the back-testing engine powering the platform, freely available. They've also shared a series of very well-made lectures on statistics and trading. I’ll be at the QuantCon Advanced Algorithmic Trading workshop this Friday and the hackathon on Sunday.

I’m also attending TokenSummit, the cryptocurrency conference focusing on the economics of blockchain-based tokens. The crypto space, including contract work I’ve been doing in it, is characterized by distributed open-source communities who communicate on Slack and IRC. This is a chance to meet some people I’ve gotten to know online.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to exploring New York City. I’ve been here a few times before and always wanted to stay longer and see what the city has brewing under the surface. One benefit of my current lifestyle is that I can move around and still be productive as long as I have my laptop and access to the internet. This month is me taking advantage of that.

Hit me up if you’re in town and want to meet!