We launched the latest project with Bitcoin Unlimited today:

The site allows users to spin up BU full-nodes through the UI, by sending BTC to a QR code.

This is desirable because:

  • It gives a voice to users. Users can pick their desired blocksize, give their node a name (that will be visible on the Bitcoin network), and launch.

  • It helps enforce the rules of Bitcoin. Full-nodes are responsible for enforcing the rules of Bitcoin by only relaying blocks / transactions that are structured correctly. As such, more full-nodes leads to a stronger, more robust network.

I took this idea from concept to launch. This involved deciding on the architecture, developing the app, sub-contracting the designs, and writing all the copy.

The engineering challenges were quite fun – it involved programmatically spinning up and configuring Bitcoin nodes on AWS and Digital Ocean servers, accepting Bitcoin payments, and a series of smaller technical points. I might write a more detailed post on this in the future.

Check it out, adopt a node, and let me know what you think!