I've been thinking about my writing process recently.

On the one hand, the daily practice of writing is an effective tool for thinking out-loud and seeking feedback. On the other, I've learned that blog posts are not always the best format for sharing thoughts. As I recently read somewhere: "most books should have been blog posts. And most blog posts should have been tweets." I agree.

So I'm making some changes. From now on, I will:

1) Publish every two weeks.

Going forward, I will publish every two weeks instead of every day.

I will spend more time on each post. I will think through the topics at hand more deeply.

I will also use the added buffer of time to ask for feedback on early drafts. I've heard from multiple writers that receiving editorial feedback, and iterating to address it, is the key to improving as a writer. I will act on this advice.

I will also begin to actively monitor page views and newsletter subscribers. I will make an effort to increase these metrics. I imagine this will manifest in my 1) crafting better content, and 2) taking distribution seriously.

An open question was whether a strict publishing schedule is necessary. I believe that one should generally write only when one has something worthwhile to say. But, I also believe that we all harbor seedlings for many such worthwhile things to say at all times. The difference between letting these thoughts pass, and developing them into real ideas, is taking time to think through, research, distill, and express them.

Perhaps some time in the future, when I'm truly comfortable as a writer, I will not need deadlines and a set schedule to do this. But for now, I've decided that having them will be beneficial.

2) Engage on digital communities.

I've been fascinated by digital communities like Twitter, Reddit, Hackernews, and IndieHacker for a long time.

Instead of the blog, I will use these platforms as an output for daily musings and thoughts, and for gathering feedback on early ideas.

I will listen to and riff off of others, instead of always writing the original post.

I've enjoyed writing and sharing publicly. I'm now iterating on my approach. I look forward to seeing how things evolve from here.

Thanks to Cameron Sepah,
Yassine Bentaieb, and Melisa Smith for helping me think through this.