I recently came across a fun Twitter account called poem.exe. It's a bot that publishes multiple haiku and short pieces of poetry every day.

This one came up today and made me laugh:

According to legend, the bot uses an Oulipo technique to write poetry:

It uses an Oulipo technique based on Raymond Queneau’s A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems. Verses are selected at random from a corpus, and a single line is taken from each one to produce a new poem. Some words may be randomly substituted for related words (e.g. ‘cat’ may become ‘dog’). After assembling a poem in this way, the program looks for seasonal references and uses these to decide whether to publish or reject the poem.

The bulk of the corpus that it reads from consists of English translations of haiku by Kobayashi Issa; as a result, many of the poems are coloured by Issa’s personality, in particular his fondness for snails.

Another one my other recent favorites was:

This is another good mix of art and technology, keeping with this week's earlier post.