Working While Traveling

I met a fellow freelancer at a coffee shop in Joshua Tree today.

During a short talk about our shared experiences, we agreed that work and travel are not always an easy match.

This might not came as a surprise to you. But the idea of a programmer or designer working remotely while traveling has long been idealized. There are dozens of articles describing the wonders of digital nomadism. Why not sit on a beach and code between bouts of surfing, while slurping on a fresh coconut?

I've learned that to do deep challenging work, one needs to sustain focus for long periods of time, and occasionally tap others for input. Doing this while traveling is hard.

To clarify: I'm not referring to all kinds of work. Working on familiar problems, with well-honed technologies, or on a part-time basis is a possibility.

But I maintain that doing deep work while traveling is not always easy.