My 5 weeks in New York are up. Time flies. Especially in a city like this.

There were days and nights of heads-down coding with my partner. We pushed our secret project further. It's still not operational, but it's getting closer.

Attending Token Summit was a highlight. It's one of the best conferences I've gone to, alongside YC's Startup School. Despite the recent hype around cryptocurrencies, the space is still mostly inhabited by builders and technologists who insist on pushing this frontier forward.

Attending QuantCon was another highlight. The engineers, data scientists, and employees I met from Quantopian were all smart, creative, and soulful individuals. Quantopian has begun allocating funds to strategies crafted by the thousands of active quants on their platform, moving closer to their mission of democratizing quantitative trading.

Being part of the first NYC IndieHacker lunch was another fun experience. It was great to meet people working on such varied projects as building a database engine, writing docker containers for Sia, and running a hedge fund. It reminded me of SF to be honest.

Tomorrow, I fly to San Francisco, and start a road-trip with my girlfriend through a few national parks and a good friend's wedding in San Diego.

I look forward to visiting New York, and seeing all the now familiar faces, soon again.