I'm working on ecosystem development at the Ethereum Foundation.


  • I led engineering at Truebit - a protocol for running verifiable computation using Ethereum and WebAssembly.
My demo of the first Truebit implementation.
My presentation on Truebit mechanism design and virtual machine.
  • I led the development Omada Health's data science platform.
  • I did computational physics research at the Max Planck Institute, and have a published paper on band dispersion in Graphene.
  • I booked a concert in San Francisco by scraping & analyzing Soundcloud data.
  • I ran an engineering/product consultancy where we worked with a number of Bay Area companies.

I meditate (have spent + 4 months on silent retreat), and practice Ashtanga yoga (have gone through a rigorous teacher training). I've spent months traveling in places like China, India, and Brazil - and my world view is shaped by having lived/worked around the world.

You can find me online on Twitter, Linkedin, or say hi at sina at sinahab.com.